Monday, 25 February 2013

A female character

A couple of Sundays ago one of my friends from church asked me if I could draw a picture for her. I said yes and then had absolutely no inspiration to draw anything for about a week. 

One Sunday, which was probably last Sunday, I drew a girl. A female character. (I don't normally draw girls.) So I thought to myself, I could give this one to her (my friend). After I drew the outline during the sermon like usual, I showed it to my friend after the service. She liked it, so in the evening service I started colouring it in. The colours that I wanted weren't in my pencil case so I only coloured the polka dots on the character's ribbon that is in her hair. 

After five days I pulled out my 72 set of Derwent watercolour pencils and art book and started colouring in the character's dress and then at church I finished it. I coloured in the hair and gave the drawing to my friend. 

2013 © Susannah Sylvester - All Rights Reserved

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