Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Bit of Time, A Pen & Some Paper

I had a half hour snack break before my assessment on Tuesday. I had my notepad that I was taking notes on during class, and I had my pen to write those notes. I ate some watermelon and a strawberry and a couple of pecans and pistachios and then started to doodle. 

First I drew a beanie, then the hair. The beanie wasn't sitting on the hair properly so I fixed it up as much as I could with a pen without a rubber. A face started to happen after the hair and then there was a boy. I then drew a female looking jaw, then some girlish hair and then a beanie on top and there was a girl.

2013 © Susannah Sylvester - All Rights Reserved

That night, I scanned the picture onto my computer and started colouring it in digitally.
I fixed some proportions of where the beanies are sitting on their heads.

2013 © Susannah Sylvester - All Rights Reserved

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