Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A drawing that took me two Sundays to finish

A couple of Sundays ago, at church, I started to draw a picture while listening to the sermon. By the end of the sermon, I had only drawn the sketch of the character, so that Sunday night when I was at church listening to the sermon I coloured some parts of the character in, but it wasn't finished. I still needed to colour the skin and the hair and I needed to do some shading on the clothing.

Over the week I forgot about my drawing and didn't finish colouring it in.

Last Sunday, at church, when I opened my sketchbook, so I could draw and listen to the sermon (which was well spoken by the minister), I saw the picture I had drawn the week before and started to colouring it in again. I coloured in the skin and the hair and did the shading on the clothing and then started doing a background, but the sermon ended before I could finish the background, so I left it and finished the background that evening while listening to the sermon.

2013 © Susannah Sylvester - All Rights Reserved

I like this picture quite a bit.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Notebook Drawings

In class, one day I was waiting for the teacher to set up the speakers to her computer so that we could watch a DVD about the different kinds of catalogue searches libraries use. I had my notebook out ready to take some notes. By the time the teacher had plugged in the speakers, I had drawn a character from my head and was ready to colour it in.

When the DVD had finished, I went home by train. After I had been sitting on the train listening to my iPod for a while I remembered that I had drawn a picture, so I pulled my notebook and some coloured pencils out of my back pack and started colouring it in.
I got home, cut him out of my note book and stuck him into my black papered art book.

This is the finished result.

2012 © Susannah Sylvester - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Doodling at Church

When I have absolutely no inspiration to draw an anime/manga person at church I usually end up doodling or scribbling out some random shapes and colouring them in.

I can't really remember where I got the idea for this picture, but mum was drawing one and it looked pretty awesome, so I decided to draw one too.

My church is a Cross-Culture Bible Church and this picture is of the church's logo and I just copied and coloured it in with a couple of gell-pens.

This one is just random shapes that I made into some pretty flowers.