Friday, 8 September 2017

Milton Glaser

This design bring to attention the oil pollution that people have contaminated the oceans 
around the world with.
Glaser uses figure and ground in this design. 
It emphasised the oily water is caused by people.
Glaser uses tertiary colours with a dull intensity within the human shape. 
and a complimentary colour in the background to draw the eye to the human shape.
The design fits into the 'golden section'.

Glaser uses the wild hair as an expression of imagination, ideas, thought that is endless.
Again, Glaser uses figure and ground to bring the attention of the viewer to the contrasting colours of the hair.

This design uses a well known character (Akira) and uses the figure and ground give shape to the character. The designer uses primary colours colours that represent the character in the animations. 
Each piece of hair is like a cable, which represents parts of the story of Akira.

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