Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Final Expression Poster

Design is an onion, was inspired by a quote from the movie ‘Shrek’. It gave me the idea of onions have layers, so does the design software. Being an animation student, I immediately thought of onion skin, a tool that animators use to put a frame in the correct position. I also think onions taste pretty good when cooked and desgin, once the project is finished it usually looks pretty good.

My original design idea was to have an onion and peel back the layers in a way that show the process of doing so - having the full onion and the peeled onion with the just a colour linework in the middle, giving movement to the design. This was inspired by one of Luba Lukoba’s works. But that all changed after getting feedback on the idea, I altered the design to have more of the process that is involved in design.

Design can be frustrating and can make you want to cry as you work with layers upon layers of effects and elements and then having to change it all because it’s not working, but the end result usually looks pretty great and communicates what you want to say through the design.
The same goes for onions. You cut an onion and it makes you cry, but once cooked it tastes good.
This is the idea that is in this poster.

I used analogous colours that are similar to onion colours to represent the idea, with a touch of a blue tint for the drops that are dripping from the onion roots. And black as a shadow for the typography to be more readable against the background and the image of the onion.
The font I chose is “Just tell me what”. I chose this font because it is a soft rounded font that fits well with the design of the onion.
The gestalt principles I applied in the design are similarity, proximity and closure.
I placed the onion in a just of centre postion and placed the typography close together and next to the onion to give balance to the work.

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